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[ thankful for everything ]

Discussing the music of Cade and Unrequited...

Cade - The Music
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Friends and fans the talented electronica artist Cade (aka: Chris Diehm),
the number one musician behind the pop/rock/electronica band Unrequited.

Unrequited are:

Heather Chapman (vocalist, lyricist)
Chris "Cade" Diehm (songwriter, lyricist, keyboardist, drum mixer/sequencer, faux-guitarist)
Casey Vikander (guitarist, occasional vocalist)
Chris Klijanowicz (guitarist, occasional vocalist)

With occasional guests:

Andrew "Xeno" Gallagher from Countyline (lead guitarist)
James "Owtzain" Burgon from Purge (vocalist)
Andrew Jennings (vocalist)
"The Anti Popstar" (vocalist)
Josh Rosenbohm from This Past Year (guitarist)
Kim Turley (guitarist)

Past collaborators of Cade include:

Skye Plant (vocalist)
Steve "Saint" Reville (guitarist)
Sean "Sake" Haug (DJ, drum mixer/sequencer)
Damie "Midnight Game" McKeown (DJ, drum mixer/sequencer)
Guy "Yug's Dimension" Collins (DJ, drum mixer/sequencer)

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