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Cade - The Music
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December 2004
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Cal [userpic]

I'm currently comprising an archive of the lyrics to EVERY completed song out of the 68 Cade/Unrequited songs that I have. Well, the ones that have lyrics, anyway. And it's nearly done, too.

The only one I'm not able to do at the moment is Osei, because Cade doesn't remember the lyrics, and the singer has the worst fake Japanese accent ever, so I can't write the lyrics down (which I normally could, as my Japanese is pretty good).

I just need to finish figuring out the last verse of "Wonder", Cade's remix of one of Heather's songs... heh. But yeah, is anybody interested? :D

Current Music: Cade feat Midnight Game - Machinehum

The other day I showed Cade this song where the singer sounded just like Heather. It was creepy.

I hate microsoft, they destroyed all my music
*cries in corner*

Actually, the "I Wonder" (beta)remix was done by a guy on DeviantArt. But uh...that was the first song I ever recorded with guitar...and it was years ago...on the first day that I got my guitar. So I suggest that nobody listen to that version. (TRANSLATION: It sucked. Lol.) Also he only used pieces of the first verse and chorus to make it, so there would be no last verse there.

Cade sent it to me and told me he did it. Maybe he made a remix of it without telling you.