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Cade - The Music
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December 2004
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Cal [userpic]

Bleh, some jackass posted some very negative reviews of Unrequited on mp3.com.au; sure, people are allowed to give their opinions but this guy is quite obviously trolling. He barely mentioned the music, and when he did, he used vague negative phrases like "awful" and "meaningless" without actually saying why he disliked it.

So how about somebody evens the score? How about we put some positive reviews on there, to show the band how much we appreciate their work and their effort?

I myself have already signed up and reviewed the band and the individual songs, as I know at least two or three of you have done as well. But the site takes up to 48 hours to add reviews, so we might have to wait a day or two before they come up on the site.

So yeah. Do your bit for the guys (and girl) of Unrequited. Pay them back for how positive their music has been for us.

Current Mood: chipper... wtf is chipper?
Current Music: Unrequited - The Stairwell

yeah that's the one :P